The following are several vocalizations that were recorded. Each of them seem to depict a type of primate. Human or not? That's up to you to decide.

                                            More Recently Added Sound Recordings

:    This growl/whistle combination was recorded in the High Sierras in California by Alan Berry, 1978. The complete CD collection of the sounds recorded in that area is available at Ron Morehead's website:

:         A whooing sound recorded by witness Dave Cleveland on his property after a 1972 sighting in Estacada, OR. This is currently the oldest clip in our library.

Puyallup ScreamerIn 1973, there were several sightings in a gravel pit in Puyallup, WA. These sounds were recorded by Mr. Marlin Ayers. You can hear birdsong, and a train whistle in the background. Known as the Puyallup Screamer, this creature's vocalizations terrorized the residents of the neighborhood.

: Snohomish, WA 1978-79 - These sounds were recorded by L.W. She was our neighbor's friend, and our creature encounters were occurring at about the same time in the state of Washington, 50 miles apart. L.W. sat on her porch nightly with her little dog as these screams came from the gravel pit near her house. She recorded the sounds for a total of 9 months. This particular recording shows the frequency and intensity of the sounds well. It is very similar to the Puyallup screams above, and the Klamath screams below, one of three nearly-identical recordings made in three different places over a 20-year period!

Snohomish Whistles: Another clip from the Snohomish recordings, 1978.
This recorded
sequence of whistles is the only one of its kind, and demonstrates well why the Wild Woman (Dsonoqua or Tsonokwa) is depicted in Native American art with pursed lips.

: This clip, recorded at night by a researcher in the Klamath area of California in 1993, is eerily similar to the Puyallup and Snohomish screams, although MUCH clearer. It is, to date, the cleanest recording of a purported Sasquatch vocalization.

Ohio Calls: These sounds were recorded by Matt M. in late fall of 1994, in the wooded hills of Columbiana County, Ohio, near the Ohio River. While many think it is a barred owl, two ornithologists and one Illinois state wildlife surveryor have provided feedback on the recording. None could identify the howl. There is a dog barking, and a barred owl responding at the end of the recording.

PA Moans
: Westmoreland County, PA 1973 - A recording of a creature moaning after being fired upon. For more info on the 1973 Bigfoot/UFO sighting flap, see Stan Gordon's website."

    How can one possibly dismiss these sound recordings as being those of humans? Couldn't they just be from a person who decided to yell one night to give people a scare? The answer is simple: no. These sounds were non-human. The recordings were analyzed by an expert in the field of animal vocalizations and he said that the sounds made by the unkown creature were too loud to be those of humans. He also said that the pattern varied too much, and when it did so, the change in sound was perfect. Humans are not capable of such sounds.

    What are they from? Well, no one knows for sure. One thing is certain: they came from an unkwon animal. What really strengthens the arguement that the creature that made these sounds may be bigfoot is the fact that they are primate-like. Bigfoot is said to be an ape-like creature, or a priamte. So, these may very well have been the vocalizations of the sasqutach still unknown to science.

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